Moms & Dads

A series of stills and gifs were created using blank products, featuring the (mis)adventures of parenthood. These assets were then used to create dynamic Facebook canvas ads. Allowing us to serve various themes and designs on products to individual segments while maintaining a compelling narrative in each module.

My role: Concept, art direction, and social strategy.


Using a dot-grid mesh, we were able to capture the movement & form of the fabric on set. The grid was then removed and used as a foundation to place any number of designs from the site. All units were led with video content as to maximize exposure within Facebook's algorithms. 


This ad utilized the 'swipe to see more' function, allowing us to create a unique element of surprise. Each lead video had a supporting set of flat-lays so the canvas unit maintained cohesion throughout the experience.


We formed various combinations of possible canvas unit displays, which resulted in great stand alone carousal units as well as complete canvas experiences. 



Photographer: Cera Hensley
Set & wardrobe: Pablo Pavia
Client: Redbubble