Janus et Cie

JANUS et Cie has been an industry leader in design-driven furnishings for the outdoors. The luxury lifestyle brand offers a diverse catalogue of over 6,000 pieces. They wanted their new site to reflect the future without losing focus on their amazing body of products.

Strategy: A clean, minimal aesthetic was adopted - fine, elegant iconography was paired with an updated font set that honoured the legacy branding but moved towards a modern finish. The architecture of the site was conceived to usher in a new customer base, allowing the user to shop directly from the site rather than a sales rep. A custom new feature was created - My Portfolio, an innovative tool designed to help interior designers create virtual mood boards.

My role: UI/UX design and illustration

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A filter was implemented based on key industry search queries allowing the users navigate the extensive catalogue with ease. This was a marked improvement from the legacy site that required in depth knowledge about the collections to locate relevant items.


The My Portfolio tool allowed users to not only create mood boards but also spec sheets that were instantly shareable with clients.


This project was created during employment at Sanborn, NY.