Create Some Good

The Create Some Good program invited people from all over the globe to pitch their ideas on how to make the world a better place through creativity. The program was conceived to mark the beginning of Redbubble's social responsibility initiative. The video was entirely shot and produced in our in-house studio - a landmark moment for the internal team!

My role: Strategy, concept, DP, art direction, and UI/UX design.


The launch video provided a brief overview of the program while staying true to the quirky humour of the brand. It was the lead creative for the microsite and used in both paid and organic social posts.


The custom microsite allowed users to get the full details of the program as well as view other entries. A secondary colour palette and typography was created to brand the program. This allowed it to live as a stand alone campaign while retaining some of the brand's original flavour.



Videographer: Susie Heyden
Art Direction : Sharm
Set: Sharm & Danielle Wood
Editor, Animation: Noah Aust
Producer: Danielle Wood

Illustration: Julia Gingras
Copy: Eddie Wright
Client: Redbubble