SLV X RB: #CreateArtHistory

In 2017 State Library Victoria (SLV) and independent art marketplace Redbubble teamed up to create art history. Artists across the world were challenged to design new work inspired by the Library's vast collection. Thousands of artists remixed and reimagined historic images from as far back as 1493 around three themes: : Magic, Weird & wonderful creatures and Botanicals.

A custom design system was created; one that echoed the iconic architectural elements of the library while highlighting the winners artwork resulting in a truly collaborative campaign.

My role: Concept, art direction, print design and UI/UX design.


An octagonal shape was used to anchor the visuals. This framed the winning entry in the banners that hung from the portico; representing the library's role in presenting the convergence of the old and the new. A minimal colour palette was created, a combination of both brands aesthetics while maintaining a neutral feel, allowing the artwork to truly be the hero.

Curves 2.jpg

A series of interior banners were also created to highlight each winner's artwork and educate the public about the contest.
(The 1st(left) and 3rd place winners are shown in the image above.)

Interior Banner_2250 x 1650.jpg


Copy: Eddie Wright
Client:  Redbubble

Created in collaboration with the SLV in-house design team.