TL;DR: I like getting shit done. Cool, fun shit.
Also dogs. I like dogs.



I’m Sharmini.
Pronounced like harmony. Sharm also works.
I was born & raised in Malaysia, with a not so brief stint in NY and am currently based in the Bay Area.

I am a multi-disciplinary art director and designer who loves creating fun, quirky, and thought provoking content. I thrive on creative problem solving; be it the information architecture of a site or how to fit an iPhone into a party balloon (it can be done, trust me).

Looking back at my childhood Art Attack binges to the past 7 years of creating content, I’ve always loved getting my hands dirty and creating some good sh*t. Over the years, I’ve developed skills in retouching, printmaking, and packaging. It all comes together so that I can engage in every aspect of a project from building custom props to post production magic.

Drop me a note if you have freelance enquiries, collaboration ideas or if you’d just like to say hello.



Creative Direction, Art Direction, Branding, UI/UX Design, Print Design, Digital Retouching, Printmaking, Papercraft, Illustration, Dog Spotting