10 Days of Creativity

To celebrate a decade of creativity, we launched an interactive social campaign for folks to find a moment of creativity in their everyday lives. We provided a daily prompt and encouraged users to share a relevant post on their Instagram accounts. Followers stood to win sweet prizes and we were able to highlight more creative goodness in the world.
Win win!

My role: Art direction, UI/UX design, IA, and illustration


A set of illustrations was created, one for each day/theme. The diamond was used to tie the set together, given that diamond jewelry is commonly gifted on one's 10th wedding anniversary. These elements were used throughout the microsite, email communications and social platforms.


A fully responsive micro-site was built. The landing page allowed users to learn about the contest and view all active categories.
Each day/theme had a page curating all relevant entries based on custom hashtags and integrating Instagram's API. At the end of each day, the page was updated with the winning entry. 



Illustrations: Alice Carroll
Copy: Eddie Wright
Client:  Redbubble